I Pushed Dad Overboard

Friday, June 30, 2006

An oddity of thinking

I wish I could lead more than one life. I would love to go beyond reading about another time and place. I want to actually experience. Smell it, taste it, see it, live it. What would I have done? What would I have seen? How would I have coped out on the lonely prairie? What would it be like to have lived in Medieval London or Paris? What was it really like? Maybe I'm too sheltered in my present life. I feel too safe. I love what I have and would not change it, but I'm still curious as to what else is out there. I think this feeling is why I love antiques. They have past lives and have witnessed history. They have survived and have a story to tell.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tradition vs. Obligation

Why do we do the things we do? (Hum along if you know the song for a bit.)

I was talking with some co-workers the other day about things that families like to do together. There are the ones you commonly think of: turkey on Thanksgiving, opening presents on Christmas Day, fireworks on the 4th of July. But what about the other things that we do with (or maybe for) our families?

What separates a tradition from an obligation? Is it purely based on what you want or enjoy doing? For instance, I don't like talking to my 3rd cousin and his wife, but I still go to the family reunion because I feel obligated. It's so ingrained in my head that the first Sunday in June is my dad's dad's extended family reunion that I feel guilty when I haven't gone in the past. Is it because I love personal history so much that I miss the tradition or is because I feel so obligated that I feel the need to attend.

Monday, June 12, 2006

computer help

I first touched a computer in 4th grade. We had to first pass a test about the terminology (hard drive, software, monitor.) That stuff I can do. Heck, I used to get one of those science magazines and type in their monthly computer program into our computer at home in junior high school (I can't remember the type of computer, but we bought it at Radio Shack.) In high school I knew a program by memory so that all of a sudden in the middle of everyone typying up their German homework a few computers would start chirping like crickets.

Then I went to college.

I actually did take a programming class. I came to realize that I don't think like a programmer. I don't organize information that way. I managed to flirt my way through that class (with former students, not the professor.) I just never understood computers after that.

Thankfully, I got married.

I got married to a wonderful computer programmer. (Who says opposites don't attract?) All I have to do is whine now, and POOF! my issue is resolved (provided that I distract the kids long enough for him to actually focus on the problem.)

So if you have any problems with my posts (want pictures, additional links, etc) please comment here and I will forward those on to Dad Overboard.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Time To Get Started!

OK, here is my first post. I'm just here to give my side of the picture instead of letting Dad Overboard have the only say. I'm sure my perspectives will be just as biased as his are.