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Monday, June 12, 2006

computer help

I first touched a computer in 4th grade. We had to first pass a test about the terminology (hard drive, software, monitor.) That stuff I can do. Heck, I used to get one of those science magazines and type in their monthly computer program into our computer at home in junior high school (I can't remember the type of computer, but we bought it at Radio Shack.) In high school I knew a program by memory so that all of a sudden in the middle of everyone typying up their German homework a few computers would start chirping like crickets.

Then I went to college.

I actually did take a programming class. I came to realize that I don't think like a programmer. I don't organize information that way. I managed to flirt my way through that class (with former students, not the professor.) I just never understood computers after that.

Thankfully, I got married.

I got married to a wonderful computer programmer. (Who says opposites don't attract?) All I have to do is whine now, and POOF! my issue is resolved (provided that I distract the kids long enough for him to actually focus on the problem.)

So if you have any problems with my posts (want pictures, additional links, etc) please comment here and I will forward those on to Dad Overboard.


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